The Leadership Challenge: Inspire, Enable and Encourage

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Whilst some mediocre managers are happy to stay inside their comfort zone, and rely on their past experiences to get them through the elite of the business world, leaders should constantly challenge themselves in order to stay fresh and up to date in an ever changing business world.
This course has been specifically designed for those people who understand that to be a leader we must challenge ourselves at every opportunity. This course will be an out of the comfort zone experience and is aimed to challenge you to be the very best leader you can be, working on your ability to inspire, enable and encourage. You will be coached and given feedback at every opportunity. The coaching is aimed at stretching you and pushing you to the next level of leadership.
If you’re happy in your comfort zone, then don’t apply. This course is an advanced level leadership challenge. That by the use of professional coaching techniques, will inspire, push and challenge you to a higher level of management/leadership.


  • Challenge you to a higher level of management/leadership
  • Learn how to become inspirational
  • The difference between enablers and managers
  • Professional coaching and empowerment at advanced level
  • Learn how to engage your people
  • Exceptional engagement for business results
  • Learn methods to encourage and inspire your people
  • Commitment, motivates others through own sense of "can do" spirit, and optimism.
  • Conveys confidence in others' ability to do their best.
  • Creating positive feelings and incentive for further accomplishments, reinforces progress and performance.
  • Conveys commitment to management decisions and company policies even if unpopular.
  • Energizes others by clarifying the broader purpose and mission of their work.
  • Encourages others to exceed performance standards.