The Essentials of Contracting & Contract Negotiation

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Every day significant monies are made and lost by organizations as a result of the contractual terms and conditions governing contracts for the purchase of goods, equipment, and services. Since all business activities are governed by contractual relationships, it is increasingly important for all those dealing with outside organizations to have an understanding of how to obtain the best possible agreement for their organization. This involves skills in negotiating and drafting the contract, as well as managing the same and negotiating issues and disputes that may arise.
The first course module will look at how contracts are created, and some of the main clauses that appear in contracts, together with a number of alternative contracting strategies and structures. The course will also consider techniques for third party dispute resolution. The second Module will cover the whole range of negotiations, reviewing the whole negotiation process and showing how a collaborative style to handling disputes or conflict maintains the win/win approach (which was set before any dispute arose!).
The course can be taken as two modules or as each module individually.
The complete course will cover:
  • Contract types
  • Applying contract types to different risk profiles
  • Contract clauses
  • Legal issues with contracts
  • Dispute resolution using third parties
  • Key stages of a negotiation and how causes of later disputes can be avoided
  • Managing meetings involving individuals as well as teams
  • How to cope with the emotions and conflicts involved in dramatic situations or crises
  • Common negotiation tactics and how to counter them
The Structure
  • Module 1 - The Essentials of Contracting
  • Module 2 - Negotiating & Dispute Resolutions


  • Provide an understanding of how contracts are formed
  • Give in depth analysis of issues behind major contract clauses
  • Enhance understanding of different contracting strategies and structures
  • Learn how to transfer risk through different contract types
  • Understand dispute resolution techniques through courts and other alternative methods
  • Apply the main negotiation phases – Planning, Discussion, Proposing, Summarising and Concluding
  • Achieve ‘win-win’ outcomes within the bargaining process
  • Understand the significance of disputes, their causes and the long term impact they can have on business relationships
  • Identify and use strategies to resolve causes of disputes