Project Leadership in Action: Power, Influence, Politics and Negotiations

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Leadership in project management is a journey of discovery. It begins with finding the best of who you are, and continues with developing and nurturing your ideal leadership identity in order to develop skills which will make projects more successful. This course will reinforce your own personal leadership identity to become sustainable with every action you take, or decision you make in all your projects.
In the context of managing projects, the more people abilities you have, the better you are able to get the job done. Accordingly, this course pays special attention to enhancing your ability to leverage personal skills in order to positively influence others. It presents the skills and methods needed to gracefully and assertively influence others in a project over which you do not have direct control.
The course covers the different leadership traits, characteristics, behaviours and styles. It examines interpersonal styles and skills as they affect project leadership, motivation, team dynamics, trust, and employee empowerment. The integration between concepts is covered with the view to create more opportunities for your project to succeed while maintaining your integrity.
Finally, the course focuses on getting what a project needs through negotiation. It demonstrates how influence tactics, personal power, and organisational politics can all be used while involved in various aspects of project negotiating.


  • Learn practical techniques to enhance their project leadership skills
  • Exercise a wide range of concepts to enhance their power and ability to influence others
  • Manage corporate politics at the project level as well as the senior management level
  • Master forms of power and evaluate strategies to increase their total power to make project succeed
  • Identify principles, guidelines and common methods of negotiation on projects
  • Develop negotiating strategies that focus on interests and common goals of projects instead of positions