Modern international standards of Internal Audit Function

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The development, monitoring and continued improvement of a highly-integrated, internal audit function is essential for the continued financial success, stability and growth of world-class business entities. A well designed and effective internal audit system will provide verification and support that accounting and financial policies, procedures and controls are working adequately and will spotlight any significant matters that need attention.


  • Understand the role and functioning of an Internal Audit Department compared to the role and responsibilities of external auditors
  • Develop an Audit Committee Charter for a Board of Directors
  • Create personal descriptions and job requirements of an internal audit staff
  • Acquire knowledge of the different types and purposes of various audits as to applicability and function, including risk factors
  • Planning, notifying and implementing internal audit examinations for selected types of audits to be performed
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of in-place internal controls and security policies for organizational networks and information technology frameworks
  • Planning for an audit commencement conference meeting
  • Understanding relevant documentation as it pertains to professional standards and responsibilities as well as best practices
  • Understanding the need of establishing credibility for an internal audit team
  • Communicating audit findings and reports and addressing areas needing improvement
  • Planning audit exit conference meetings and distributing internal audit reports within an organization
  • Conducting post-audit reviews and compiling internal control updates for Boards of Directors
  • Developing audit risk and other risk-related assessments