Mind, Attitude & Motivation Power for Professional Excellence

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According to the Harvard Business Review, "85% of the reason a person gets, keeps and performs well in a job, depends on their ATTITUDE and only 15% on their APTITUDE". (Aptitude is your University degree, diploma, training, knowledge etc.) It has been found that most Companies spend almost all their training budget on technical and skill development. However, today's "cutting edge" Companies and Organizations, are now selecting and incorporating Peak Performance Training and Staff Personal Development, to increase the performance and productivity of their Staff.
The well known Cox Report of American Business, unequivocally stated that, "As many as 94% of the top executives of the Fortune 500 Companies, attributed their success, more to ATTITUDE, than any other ingredient!" Professional excellence is primarily determined by harnessing and maximizing mind, attitude and motivation power.
This is a highly interactive, inspirational and motivational seminar, the seminar that will turbo-charge your personal and business life. This seminar will bring about incredible, positive, mindset changes and will give you life style attitudes, that attitudes that will motivate your life to an exciting new level! You will learn the secrets and practices, of top executives and C.E.O's, who have really succeeded in their corporate culture. You will also learn how to inspire, equip and motivate others into a success, peak performance life style.


  • To reveal the significance and impact of the mind.
  • To identify the power of choices, decisions and actions.
  • To show how attitude and interpersonal relationships affect every area of our lives.
  • To develop specific life management skills.
  • To know how to motivate yourself and others.
  • To develop pro-active motivation as a way of life.