Managing and Coordinating Training Proactively

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Maintaining a high level of productivity in today's successful organizations takes work and continuous learning in a variety of management skills and techniques. To be successful in daily work tasks, knowledge and skills in management techniques must be learned, practiced and implemented. People in all types of organizations find themselves needing to find more productive methods of planning work and tasks, setting appropriate goals, using good interpersonal skills and using effective means of making decisions. A focus on using productive practices allows for effective and efficient management of work and making changes in the organization.
The purpose of this comprehensive program is to assist in furthering one's ability to set goals, plan work and tasks, manage time, make good decisions and work more productively with others. The program offers a range of practical and highly effective techniques and tools that can be implemented in any workplace. It will build confidence in one's ability, increase ability to lead people and build skill to apply management concepts and techniques. One week of this seminar focuses on the concepts, principles and challenges of task and work planning, with additional topics on time and stress management and how human interaction skill impacts on our effectiveness. The second week establishes a focus on key management skills such as setting goals and objectives, establishing performance standards, decision making processes and change management.


  • Use simple frameworks for planning, including allocating and managing priorities, scheduling work, working proactively and reactively and project planning
  • Understand and develop skills necessary to get assigned work completed on time.
  • Use basic planning project tools to plan work strategy
  • Set goals and targets effectively and efficiently
  • Learn how to establish and maintain task deadlines
  • Understand the characteristics of colleagues who assist in our work assignments
  • Develop positive interpersonal techniques for better management of our work
  • Learn how to plan work balancing the constraints of time, cost, scope and quality
  • Understand the role of stakeholders in a project and learn techniques of stakeholder management
  • Develop techniques to deal with organizational change, including delegation and empowerment
  • Develop communication and human interaction skills with others
  • Understand and develop skills necessary to set goals in a strategic and organizational context
  • Consider methods of improving decision making
  • Understand how delegation can be used in setting of goals and planning
  • Identify decision making processes and how they impact on organizations
  • Develop the ability to make higher quality decisions as individuals and teams