Logistics & Transport Management

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Moscow 25.07.2021 29.07.2021 6,950 $ Inquire now Register
Dubai 25.07.2021 29.07.2021 3,950 $ Inquire now Register
Dubai 19.09.2021 23.09.2021 3,950 $ Inquire now Register
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Effective management of the flow of materials throughout an organization’s supply chain is of critical importance. In this programme you will learn how to:
  • Utilize modern purchasing management techniques
  • Sharpen your negotiation skills
  • Manage inventories in a more productive manner
  • Improve control over warehouse and transportation operations
  • All business professionals who work in purchasing, procurement, stock control, warehousing and materials management would find this training session extremely beneficial


  • Examine the most effective purchasing practices
  • Learn new trends in supplier management
  • Gain greater insight into the negotiation process
  • Study the use of negotiation techniques
  • Develop a strategy to better manage inventories
  • Examine inventory reduction techniques
  • Explore new methods and technologies in warehousing
  • Analyze the function of transportation management