Green Supply Chains

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“The time for action on greening supply chains has come. Daily headlines report food shortages, and concerns about energy security and dangerous climate change. Current forecasts suggest that by 2050 the human population will grow to around 9 billion, and that per capita consumption of hard and soft commodities are set to increase. An incredible challenge lies ahead of us: already the production, extraction, and consumption of basic commodities are contributing to humanity's unsustainable ecological footprint.
It is clear that access to resources will be a major strategic corporate issue in the coming decades. We are convinced that the winners will be those companies that are able to demonstrate that their supply chains are clean and green”
(Source Duncan Pollard, Director, Conservation Practice & Policy, WWF International 2009)
This course will therefore demonstrate:
  • Green makes good commercial sense
  • A growing customer/consumer downstream demand, for products/services provided in environmentally sound manner, will ultimately drive, all of the upstream supply
  • What needs to be changed
  • The new policies that are required
  • A migration strategy to enable sustainable Green Supply Chains


  • Understand what Green Supply Chain Management is fundamentally about
  • Appreciate what is needed to enable a Green Supply Chain
  • Show the benefits that can be obtained
  • Look 'outside of the box'
  • Understand how to apply a Green Supply Chain migration strategy