Fundamentals of Finance & Accounting

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Dubai 27.05.2024 31.05.2024 4,300 $ Inquire now Register
Bahrain 27.05.2024 31.05.2024 5,000 $ Inquire now Register
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Financial skills and knowledge are vital for all managers in all organisations. A more challenging business and economic climate and an increase in financial delegation is making this even more so.
Many senior professionals miss formal training in finance and often feel uncomfortable when discussing financial matters with their peers and financial professionals.This interactive and engaging programme addresses these important issues.
Key areas covered in this program include:
  • Reading, interpreting and using financial statements (internal and external)
  • Improving business cases and decision making
  • Costing and presenting plans and proposals
  • Working more effectively with budgets
  • Delivering improved financial performance, profit & cash flow


  • Read and interpret financial statements
  • Analyse business performance
  • Contribute to cash and working capital management
  • Build budgets and Manage costs and budgets
  • Present business cases and utilise financing techniques to improve decision making