Effective Purchasing, Tendering & Supplier Selection

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Dubai 19.09.2021 23.09.2021 3,950 $ Inquire now Register
Glasgow 19.09.2021 23.09.2021 5,950 $ Inquire now Register
Paris 10.10.2021 14.10.2021 5,950 $ Inquire now Register
Dubai 10.10.2021 14.10.2021 3,950 $ Inquire now Register


A five day intensive programme aimed at developing / strengthening the understanding of the crucial role played by the supplier in delivering customer satisfaction through an effective supply chain.
Participants will learn how to evaluate the performance of both potential and current suppliers. Asses the factors that comprise and effective tender and conduct effective negotiations that bring long term value to the organisation.
The Key Highlights of the Course are:
  • Planning
  • Tendering
  • Negotiation
  • Supplier Management
  • Measuring Performance
  • Communication


  • Identify and reduce procurement risk through development of a plan of action
  • Enable improved performance from your existing suppliers through evaluation and performance measurement
  • Understand and strengthen your supply chain
  • Improve operating relationships within your organisation
  • Award contracts on the basis of measured performance / criteria
  • Provide a working understanding of the Negotiation process