Effective Budgeting & Operational Cost Control

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The effective management of budgeting and cost control is crucial for project/process-based organizations. Nowadays, if contemporary organizations want to stay competitive, they are urged to think in terms of process-value added to customers/shareholders. Along this line, budgeting, as well as tracking, controlling & reducing cost represent essential activities to be performed and monitored by organizations as they implement their key processes, activities and operations. In addressing these issues, this course is relevant for those professionals & analysts facing the difficult challenge of improving performance while reducing costs of those processes for which there are accountable. By combining techniques analysis, problems and examples with real case studies the course provides delegates with key cost awareness and budgetary skills, which is essential managing and controlling processes/projects in times of increasing global competition where the budgets are inextricably linked with both strategy formulation and cost analysis.


  • Integrate the organization's strategic planning with budgets and processes of cost control
  • Understand the importance of project management, appraisal, planning
  • Explore traditional versus innovative budgetary techniques
  • Get to know activity-based budgeting (and costing)
  • Explore capital budgeting techniques & cash flows
  • Identify key financial indicators for the business, and how and when to monitor them
  • Discuss the problems and limitations of budgetary control and look for alternative tools
  • Understand the importance of balancing financial and non-financial measure in managing projects
  • Interpret budgets and performance measurement as communication tools
  • Link budgetary processes with quality issues and business process improvement