Developing Customer Relations Strategy

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Course Objectives:


By the end of the program, participants will be able to

  • Know how to develop a culture where exceptional customer relations is at its core.
  • Be able to define service standards and communicate these to the business
  • Know how to develop a customer relations strategy document.
  • Know how to engage people in the strategy and motivate people to achieve the standards.
  • Be able to monitor the progress made and maintain service standards.

Course Outlines :

Current Customer Perceptions

  • What customers currently think of the business?
  • How to find out what customers currently think?
  • Building brand awareness


The Vision

  • How do you want customers to describe your brand/business?
  • What does exceptional customer relations look like in your industry/business?
  • What are your competitors doing?
  • Identifying the gap between current reality and the vision


What Makes Customers Loyal

  • Customer phycology
  • What drives loyalty and motivation?
  • How do people choose who to buy from?


Building the Strategy

  • Developing objectives to achieve the vision
  • Identifying quick wins and longer-term goals and objectives
  • Planning how to achieve the objectives (the steps and actions)
  • Documenting the plan in a way that is easily communicated
  • Planning how to communicate to gain maximum engagement and make people feel excited about the plan


Pre-empting Resistance and Challenges

  • Identifying what the challenges to the strategy might be
  • Answering the challenges
  • Developing support mechanisms for those who worry about the courses of action


Setting and Measuring Organisational Goals

  • Breaking the strategy down into departmental and team goals and objectives
  • Ensuring everyone understands the bigger picture
  • Keeping things on track and how to deal with the things that go wrong
  • Measuring the progress and communicating the results