Communication, Coordination & Leadership

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It has been said that all business is a conversation, and that it is the ability of people at all levels in an organisation to create and maintain a rich conversation with each other and with other businesses that ultimately creates business success. That "conversation" relies on excellent communication skills. The best and most charismatic leaders are abundantly skilled communicators, able to coordinate and lead their teams because they create an environment in which others genuinely want to work. The best and most skilled coordinators are able to manage time, people and priorities, influence at all levels, and still display a sense of leadership which makes others want to follow them.


  • Have raised their self-awareness to understand their strengths and skills gaps as leaders and coordinators
  • Have learnt practical ways of addressing their skills gaps
  • Understand the subjective experience of others and how to respond to it
  • Be able to demonstrate advanced communication skills, both verbally and non-verbally
  • Be able to coordinate people, events and projects with confidence
  • Be able to manage time and teams effectively
  • Understand what motivates people at work and how to increase their motivation
  • Be aware of the latest leadership theories and their practical application in the workplace