Business Strategy and Change

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London 09.09.2024 13.09.2024 6,100 $ Inquire now Register

Course Objectives:

  • Lead strategy implementation and change
  • Have a plan for aligning your company or division to deliver on your customer value proposition
  • Get your people’s understanding and buy-in so that they can see what needs to be done and where to contribute
  • Assemble the people with the skills and behaviors that move the strategy along, motivate and develop these people
  • Set meaningful KPIs and cascade goals to keep everyone focused on the strategy
  • Streamline processes and structures to better enable your people to implement strategy
  • Develop a personal action plan that you will take back with you and implement with your company
  • Learn and practice your leadership skills, using a compelling case study, practical exercises and role plays
  • Learn how to use Excel tools such as Solver, Goal Seeker, and Scenario


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