Advanced Project Management

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Istanbul 12.07.2020 16.07.2020 5,950 $ Inquire now Register
Dubai 12.07.2020 16.07.2020 3,950 $ Inquire now Register
Singapore 11.10.2020 15.10.2020 5,950 $ Inquire now Register
Dubai 11.10.2020 15.10.2020 3,950 $ Inquire now Register
Barcelona 08.11.2020 12.11.2020 5,950 $ Inquire now Register
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Paris 20.12.2020 24.12.2020 5,950 $ Inquire now Register
Dubai 20.12.2020 24.12.2020 3,950 $ Inquire now Register
Dubai 27.12.2020 31.12.2020 3,950 $ Inquire now Register
Glasgow 27.12.2020 31.12.2020 5,950 $ Inquire now Register
Dubai 07.02.2021 11.02.2021 3,950 $ Inquire now Register
Istanbul 07.02.2021 11.02.2021 5,950 $ Inquire now Register


This training session is for experienced project managers examines advanced project and program management techniques, building on the basics to help ensure success even for large and risky projects and programs. This program stresses project management processes as an integral part of organizational culture and what senior management must do to support it and make it successful within an organization. This course aligns with the Project Management Institute’s (PMI®) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®).
Project scope management and stakeholder analysis work continues to improve across the project and program management discipline. Learn the newest tools and technologies for handling stakeholders, and building quality into your project.
Learn the newest concepts and techniques for project planning, estimating, and scheduling. Discover how queuing theory, the Theory of Constraints (Critical Chain Project Management), and other advanced concepts can help you develop solid, reliable, efficient and effective project plans.
Continue your development with advanced program risk and uncertainty analysis. Learn strategies for handling uncertainty, discover the network affects of project risks, and discover advanced methods for identifying and qualifying project and program risks.
  • Experienced project managers running medium-to-large scale and cross-functional projects
  • Managers assigned to projects, and any other senior personnel who desire to learn a structured method for managing projects
  • It will also benefit managers of functional support areas who wish to obtain a better understanding of the project management process and where and how they fit into the team
  • Likewise middle and senior level managers wanting a better understanding of project management and how to better support the project management process


  • Improve risk management throughout the project life cycle
  • Track projects with solid metrics, not with speculation
  • Better handling of difficult vendors
  • Improved time and cost estimates for risky and challenging projects
  • Reduce cost and schedule risks using advanced, proven techniques
  • Accurately report progress even on complex and risky projects
  • Improve stakeholder communication and involvement