AC Electrical Motors & Drives: Troubleshooting, Maintenance & Protection

Location Start date End date Fees Inquire Register
Dubai 15.07.2024 19.07.2024 4,300 $ Inquire now Register
Dubai 05.08.2024 09.08.2024 4,300 $ Inquire now Register
Amsterdam 05.08.2024 09.08.2024 6,100 $ Inquire now Register
Dubai 16.09.2024 20.09.2024 4,300 $ Inquire now Register
Singapore 07.10.2024 11.10.2024 5,000 $ Inquire now Register
Dubai 07.10.2024 11.10.2024 4,300 $ Inquire now Register


  • To present the operation and construction of AC electrical motors and the electrical drives based on modern state-of-the-art inverter technology, and their characteristics that need to be matched with those of loads.
  • To discuss maintenance procedures both for motors and drives following well-established industrial procedures as outlined in standards.
  • To familiarize with troubleshooting methods for both motors and drives following methodologies that have been developed by manufacturers in order to reduce downturn time dramatically.
  • To become familiar on how to utilize single-line drawings and other documentation to successful perform commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • To analyse case studies and learn from such experience.
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