Course: Payroll: Preparation Analysis and Management
Course: Payroll: Preparation Analysis and Management
Location / Duration
  • Course: Payroll: Preparation Analysis and Management
    - -
    Istanbul - Turkey
    From the 26 Nov till 30 of Nov 2017 Cost : 5950 $
  • Course: Payroll: Preparation Analysis and Management
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    Dubai - UAE
    From the 10 Dec till 14 of Dec 2017 Cost : 3950 $
Course: Payroll: Preparation Analysis and Management

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the HR and Accounting & Finance functions and how to contribute to their success
  • Prepare the monthly payroll and review it for accuracy
  • Calculate employee benefits, loans vacations and end of service benefits (EOSB)
  • Reconcile payroll with accounting and audit the supporting documents for payments
  • Develop monthly and annual payroll budgets
  • Design periodic payroll management reports and analysis


Course Outline:

Payroll: the important link between human resources and accounting

  • Introduction to the HR function
  • Introduction to accounting function
  • Introduction to finance function
  • Payroll as a link between HR and accounting and finance
  • Understanding the hiring process documentation
  • Managing payroll process for:

ü   Contract professionals

ü   Full time employees

ü   Temporary help

ü   Outsourcing

Preparing and calculating payroll

  • Looking for the right controls before starting
  • Determining the right calculation basis for payroll
  • Elements of risk leading to payroll mistakes
  • Managing increments and deductions
  • Payroll approvals
  • Preparing payroll schedules


Employee loans and benefits

  • Access to employee benefits
  • Controlling access to loans
  • Reporting on loans status
  • Calculating end of service benefits for company and employees
  • Reporting on benefit plans


Accounting and auditors roles in payroll process

  • Recording payroll expense and liabilities
  • Recording payroll and benefits costs to assets or inventory
  • Recording payroll related contributions and liabilities
  • Reconciling receivables from and payables to employees with payroll department
  • Reconciling liabilities with social security and other governmental agencies
  • Reconciling payments with bank accounts transactions
  • Introduction to internal audit and external audit
  • Auditing the payroll


Payroll budgeting

  • Budgeting for payroll department expenses
  • Preparing the yearly budget for payroll and contributions for the company
  • Budgeting for employee loans and other benefits


Reporting payroll and contributions

  • Determining contribution expense for individuals
  • Determining corporate contributions
  • Reporting results to the accounting department
  • Coordinating with accounting department regarding payment process and control
  • Reporting to ministry of labor
  • Reporting to social security authorities

Reporting to other regulatory agencies