The Total Quality Management in procurement and Warehouse
The Total Quality Management in procurement and Warehouse
Location / Duration
  • The Total Quality Management in procurement and Warehouse
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    Barcelona - Spain
    From the 25 Mar till 29 of Mar 2018 Cost : 5950 $
  • The Total Quality Management in procurement and Warehouse
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    London - England
    From the 15 Apr till 19 of Apr 2018 Cost : 5950 $
  • The Total Quality Management in procurement and Warehouse
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    Vienna - Austria
    From the 08 Jul till 12 of Jul 2018 Cost : 5950 $
The Total Quality Management in procurement and Warehouse

Course Objectives :


• basic concepts in the overall quality of the purchases and warehouse systems

• Modern themes and approaches and methods of procurement and the development of the skills of making decisions Hits

• Review concepts and techniques necessary to achieve quality management in the planning, organization and control of procurement, warehousing activities

• provide participants with scientific and practical foundations for the management of purchasing and storage systems.

• Modern procedures in the warehouses management system according to international standards and quality management systems

• develop the skills of participants in the planning and monitoring of purchase and storage operations.

• Linking business procurement, warehousing achieving overall quality within the facility.

• the creation of procurement and warehouses management to match the quality management ISO 9000 ISO requirements.

• The importance of continuous evaluation to suppliers

• Management mechanized operations warehouses and warehouses

• Identify economic quantities in the procurement

• methods to control the purchase and storage costs

• negotiate SPV maintain a competitive enterprise center


Participants :

• Officials departments procurement, warehousing and materials management and organizers of acts of domestic procurement and external.

• heads of departments in the management of procurement and warehouses managers and production operations

• heads of departments in the productivity of production and accountants and all administrators who are located all or some of their responsibilities within the stages of the supply and procurement cycle management.

• Candidates for the positions above in their companies.


Outline : 

- Total Quality Management in the procurement and supply operations

- The overall quality of concept and application management.

- The concept of materials management and storage systems.

- Organization and planning of procurement and warehouse work.

- TQM in procurement and warehouses.

- Organization and planning of inventory control methods

- The role of procurement and warehouses management in achieving total quality.

- Dealing with suppliers (organization - engagements planning - Rating - select - qualification).

- Role in improving the overall quality purchases.

- The quality of handling, storage, packaging and delivery business.

- Choosing the right suppliers and supplier to the important decision to step purchases

- Supply and strategic partnership source

- Methods of evaluating suppliers

- Contemporary techniques in warehouses, warehouses management and administrative organization have

- Strategy of quality in inventory management

- The importance of maintaining inventory and methods of inventory planning

- Types and levels of inventory

- Factors determining inventory levels and costs of each of them

- Stagnant inventory (causes and treatment)

- The importance of TQM in the negotiation processes in the procurement

- Major steps in the development of negotiating purchasing strategy

- Qualifications and personal capacities for the management of the overall quality of negotiator SPV

- The importance of utilizing the computer in the areas of quality of your purchase and storage operations

- Organize procurement department warehouses and in accordance with the requirements of international standards ISO 9000:

- A set of international standards ISO 9000 and the importance of the facility.

- The requirements of the international standard ISO 9000 in the purchase and storage.

- Document the actions of procurement and warehouses in accordance with international standards ISO 9000